Quarantine Diaries: Relationships and "Entanglement"

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The 2020 corona virus pandemic has brought about a lot of things, such as quarantining, working from home, tik tok battles, and more! We cannot deny that all this closeness at home can either make or break relationships. Most of us are spending days with our significant other due to us not being able to work in office or travel as much and let's face it...we are going insane! But why?! We are in love, right? Smitten perhaps. These feelings could not have died just like that. Or could they?

Let’s talk about it, some of these relationships were on the rocks leading up to the shutdowns. But being locked in the house and having to face your issues dead on, it becomes complicated and somewhat uncomfortable. Whatever the issues are I am sure they may have been somehow heighten during this time. Although personally my time during quarantine has not been incredibly stressful, I had a day where my partner and I were about to take each other's heads off. I can admit, I may not have started the argument, but I had no patience for the BS. In return, I gave him what he wanted which was a response.... a big response that will require a door replacement. But hey, he survived.

Honestly, marriage and relationships, especially when you live with your partner, are extremely hard and take work on a daily. Hell, I can see why even Jada got "entangled" she was probably just tired of trying to work on it, and something entertaining and easy fell in her lap and she fell on the "D", but anyway, it happens. I often wonder how many other women out there are "entangled"? Jada Pickett is indeed a beautiful woman with a handsome and highly successful husband. So, if she can find herself in a space where she was not happy and just wanted to "feel good", there must be many women who fall into the same situation. But why is this aspect of relationships not discussed. Not the breaking point, the aftermath.

I believe it has been years of false representation that men are the only ones that cheat or find themselves in compromising situations. Or maybe over the year’s women have just evolved and feel it's okay to tend to their needs too, despite their relationship status. From my experiences I am seeing more and more woman reaching a burnout point in their relationships where they are not happy, their tired of waiting for that person to get their shit together, meet them half way, their tired of waiting for men to grow up and their really just bored. Men are getting so comfortable too soon and missing the work they need to continue to put in to keep the woman content and feeling wanted. Half of them are not even capable of providing for a household or holding one down let alone being a leader of one.

I partially blame the lack of male authority figures, there’s only a few men who have had their fathers in their lives to show them what a man is and teach them how to treat a woman. BUT, this is still not a pass to me, especially if you have a good woman in your life that voices their needs, wants, and willing to help you in areas you lack along the way. These days I believe woman are more vocal in relationships so gone are the days where you must guess what is on our mind. But once a man's pride gets in the way, they don't listen, they shut down and then what happen next...your woman is going to leave, stay and be miserable, or pull a Jada Pickett situation, I mean let's be clear woman get hit on by men constantly so if a man’s game slips (married or not) it is very easy for another man to step in and grab the woman's attention. Next thing you know, the woman becomes entangled! lol.

"You are picking the wrong type of man" they will comment. NOPE, you all are more alike than you guys think. I know 5 women right now all with the same argument. So now that I explained what I strongly believe leads to a woman becoming entangled. Let's see how those who currently find themselves in this situation are holding up during the pandemic?

For those that find themselves in "entanglements" like Jada, during this time of quarantine how are you managing your husband/spouse and your entanglement? Are ya'll planning trips during the pandemic, or is the Rona virus making you rethink your situation with the relationship you are currently in? If everything is on pause will you pick back up in 2021? I just have questions, that's all. Now I do not want to give you that push to leave, divorce, or become "entangled." This post is to show you man or woman, Straight or same sex relationship, we all are going through it currently. I mean you are either at your wits end or getting your back blown out on a daily. Either by your significant other or your entanglement, ha. I don't know which category you fall in, but we in this together! So, let’s all take this time of staycation to refocus on what we're looking for, or your newly found expectations for the one you truly love.

Explore with your spouse, attempt to have meaningful conversations. Hopefully, we can all make it to the end of these times hand in hand. But if you are one of those couples that decide to part ways. Just do it, and do not feel bad about. If this pandemic has showed us anything its life is too short to settle or be miserable. In the words of Lil Duval "live your best life", Tomorrow's just not promised.

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